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  • The Orphan
    Chapter one I was nine years when my mom and dad died due to car accident and I was left alone in this lonely place called Society. After my parents died, child services put me in an orphanage which looking like it had been built a thousand years ago. It had rusty old floors, leaky roof and very poor facilities. It was owned by the government so that explained why it looked like this. The orphanage was managed by nuns and pope’s. The nuns were really strict women and were no-nonse people the pope’s on the other hand were the […]
  • The Orphan
    Chapter two I woke up early today for some oddly wierd reason. I was so excited that I could only sleep for a few hours…..Finally I was leaving this freaking place!! I wore the only good dress I had which was a plain blue dress and I wore some black sandals they weren’t new but there where still presentable. A nun came to my dorm and directed to my new parents…I prayed silently for a moment hoping that these people would treat like a child of their own and show love and compassion like any other parent. I stared at […]
  • The Orphan
    Chapter three I woke up my whole body felt sore the last thing I remembered was…I fainted on the road. I stood up from the mat I was lying on and I stared to wonder how I got here. I looked around and surveyed the room then I saw a woman sleeping on a chair. I tried to escape without waking the woman but when I reached for the door I heard a voice saying “oh! You are awake” I turned to face the person who was talk. She looked like a woman in her late forties. She had a […]
  • The Orphan
    Chapter four I woke up the next morning feeling kinda happy. I guess because I had someone to talk to now and this person actually knew what it really felt like to be lonely. Tomorrow was my birthday day, my sixteenth birthday and as usual I wasn’t looking forward to it. I had told Helen and told me she would suprise me. I was really hungry so pushed these thoughts to the back of my head and walked towards the kitchen. I saw Helen making some noodles. The tantalising aroma filled my lungs and it teased my stomach. She dished […]
  • Poems About Love #1
    What is love? A feeling that can’t be bought Violent and Rough Like a surge through the blood A lusty, optimistic and violent feeling That makes a man go mad And makes a woman’s head enlarge A radiant feeling A strong feeling A powerful and rich feeling When in love one know not what he does For the power of benevolence makes one lose sense. Please like, comment and follow ๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks ๐Ÿ˜
  • The Orphan
    Chapter five We got back from the supermarket quite late because there was traffic along the way and back. Helen stored/arranged all the provisions in the fridge. Then I decided to ask her what she did for a living. Helen…. what do you do for a living?,she looked at me then she replied Am a cleaner. I could tell she was kinda embarrassed. Then she told me that after her husband died of was hard looking for a job and she had no other choice but to become a cleaner at a big agency. I just nodded at went up […]
  • Poems about Heartbreak #1
    CAN YOU MEND MY BROKEN HEART? Can you mend my broken heart? Which had suffered from the torture of an unforgivable soul An ungrateful being With an iced heart. With no doubt my heart can’t be fixed For it had been broken into a million pieces But with the help of glue And maybe if it’s true And out of the blue My heart may become brand new!
  • The Orphan
    Chapter six I woke up feeling happy cause today’s my birthday. After taking my bathe I walked downstairs to greet Helen “Good morning” then I was surprised to see a cake on table with words written on it “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXANDRA” I saw a small box next to it I opened it and stared at the content. It was a golden necklace which had a heart pendant. I stared at it in awe. It was very beautiful. Just then I spotted Helen at a corner in the room looking at me with a smile on her face. I ran up […]
  • Poems about heartbreak #2
    CAN I LOVE AGAIN? Can I love again? For I have suffered from emotional abuse, have I not? What is to become of a broken heart Filled with sadness, pain and misery I do doubt I shall ever love again For I have no faith,no hope But to offer, A stone heart Tell me what you think about this poem in the comment section below……Thanks
  • The Orphan
    Chapter seven I woke up to see the sunlight peeping through my window. I stood up and performed my daily rituals then I headed downstairs for breakfast. I saw Helen making some Mac and cheese for breakfast. She dished some food on my plate and we both ate in silence. This was really akward and I guessed she didn’t want to talk about yesterday’s incident. As I finished devouring my food, I washed the dishes and went back upstairs as I couldn’t stand the akward silence. I could tell that Helen noticed it but she didn’t no what to do […]
  • Untitled
  • Ten Interesting facts that everyone should know
    About half of all Americans are on a diet on any given day Most people blink about 17,000 times a day It is easier to find gold than it is to win the lottery In Japan watermelons are squared. It is easier to stack them that way We blink 25 times a minute Pearls melt in vinegar American did not commonly use forks until after the civil war 998 million people play volleyball 40% of McDonald’s profits come from the sale of happy meals A woodpecker can peck 20 times a second Like, comment and follow my blog for more […]

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